Judaics Tutoring and B’nei Mitzvah

Abby teaches Judaic studies for curious learners of all ages and stages. She teaches essential Jewish texts and ideas, and designs lessons that are specific to each learner’s questions about Jewish practice, history and identity.

Abby specializes in creating and teaching individualized Jewish studies curricula for public/secular private school families – both for each individual student and the entire family. 

She also works with families to plan and officiate at creative bar/bat mitzvah celebrations. Partnering with moms, dads and kids to customize a prayer, Torah or havdalah service, Abby facilitates a service that is uniquely meaningful to each family and their guests. View photos from a recent bar/bat mitzvah atop Masada.

Abby also helps learners prepare text-based divrei Torah that resonate with each learner’s approach to Jewish learning and living.

Read testimonials from parents and students.

In the video below, watch one of Abby’s students talk about contemporary lessons she learned from the Book of Yonah.