Judaics Tutoring NYC

Abby, along with the talented educators who work with her, facilitate Jewish learning experiences for curious learners of all ages and stages. We teach essential Jewish texts and ideas, and designs lessons that are specific to each learner’s questions about Jewish practice, history and identity.



Adult learners are often eager to bolster their knowledge of Jewish text and tradition, and Abby specializes in crafting curricula for adults engaged in exploring various aspects of the Jewish experience. Topics include:

  • Jewish Prayer: Ancient Texts, Contemporary Approaches
  • Bible Essentials: Covenant, Community and Conflict
  • Talmudic Explorations: The Law and Lore of Blessings
  • Shabbat & Holidays: Meanings & Practicalities 
  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Empathic Approaches



Abby and her team focus on creating and teaching individualized Judaics curricula for kids of all ages. Recent middle and high school topics include:

  • Jewish Voices on Ethical & Moral Dilemmas 
  • A History of Israel
  • Biblical Quandaries, Rabbinic Interpretation
  • Exploring God Ideas
  • Basic & Intermediate Hebrew

The lower school learning experience for individual and groups of kids focus on deepening understanding, through a modern lens, of both Jewish holidays and core stories of the Jewish people from Genesis, Exodus and beyond.

We invite you to share your unique interests in Jewish learning and the Jewish experience. Contact Abby at abby@judaicstutoring.com or submit our contact form.

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Watch one of Abby’s students talk about contemporary lessons learned from the Book of Yonah, a fascinating book about the possibilities of personal change, from the Writings (Ketuvim) section of the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible.