Judaics Tutoring NYC: Talented Tutors

Educators at Judaics Tutoring NYC are dedicated to individualizing the Jewish learning experience for each learner. These talented tutors have strong Hebrew and Jewish text backgrounds, and are all knowledgeable, creative, and highly enthusiastic about engaging learners in ways that fit each each learner’s questions, interests and learning styles. Read about some of our tutors below.



Jessica grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and earned BAs in Religious Studies and Spanish at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. After spending several years teaching in the secular private school system in Portland, she moved to Israel, where she spent two years studying Tanakh, Talmud, and Jewish education at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. She returned to the US and completed two MA degrees in Jewish Gender & Women’s Studies and Jewish Education, both at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. She currently teaches middle school Judaic Studies at a pluralistic day school, and is active in Jewish learning and teaching on the Upper West Side and in Harlem. In her free time, Jessica loves to explore New York’s museums and cultural landmarks. She loves working with learners from diverse backgrounds.



Roni has taught kids and adults for over 14 years. He was raised in the suburbs of Maryland and attended Jewish day school, after which he spent a year studying in Israel. He as a broad knowledge of Jewish text, and he helps students of all backgrounds connect with Judaism in the way they most feel comfortable. Roni is also is  proficient in Torah reading, leading prayer services, and Hebrew. He loves creating an engaging learning experience for his students, no matter where they are on their journey or how young or old they may be, making sure they feel supported and celebrated every step of the way.



Shani is a rabbinical student at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. In addition to rabbinic ordination, Shani is also working toward an MA in Bible. Originally from the Chicago, Shani attended Brandeis University where she studied English Literature, Psychology, and History. Shani is currently working on a collection of poetry based on the Mishnah, one of the primary texts of rabbinic literature. Shani has a background in community organizing, and loves talking and teaching all things Jewish. Shani has worked with students ranging from 3rd grade-12th grade.



Yael graduated from Barnard College with a BA in Religion and Education and is currently working as a Teacher Resident at The Shefa School, a pluralistic Jewish Day School in New York for kids with language-based learning disabilities. This year, she is co-teaching middle school classes in Judaic studies, reading, and writing. Yael is particularly passionate about instilling a love and appreciation for Jewish values and texts in her students. She has a strong background in Hebrew, Bible, and Talmud from a lifetime of Jewish education. She plans to continue her education as a special education MA student this fall.



Rina is a warm, talented, and versatile educator who is currently a first grade teacher at a NYC Jewish Day School. She has worked with students ages 3-10, teaching Judaics, Hebrew, English reading and writing, math, social studies, and science, for over 15 years. Rina has also worked in a variety of informal settings like camps and synagogue schools. She earned her Honors BA in Psychology, with an Advanced Certificate in Jewish Studies and Certificate in Jewish Education and Elementary and Early Childhood Education, and she holds an MA in Jewish Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. Rina is a highly respected educator who is deeply passionate about facilitating learning experiences that are skill-building, rich in content, engaging, and fun!