About Abby & Judaics Tutoring NYC:

Are you looking to deepen your Jewish knowledge?  

Join us for a class, peruse our website and contact us about 1:1 or small group learning.

Classes: Dynamic Jewish educator, Abby Eisenberg, offers classes for adults on Zoom and in person in NYC – join a class (see below) to experience Abby’s passionate, text-based and thoughtful approach to encountering Jewish ideas with contemporary resonance and meaning. 

1:1 and Small Groups: Abby and her team of talented educators at Judaics Tutoring NYC work 1:1 and with small groups of curious learners of all ages and stages around the globe. 

We facilitate personalized Jewish learning and life cycle experiences to help learners explore their connections to Judaism and Jewish culture as they find their own voices within our vast and varied texts and traditions. 

Next Steps: Reach out to Abby who can help you craft your unique Jewish learning journey.

Learn more about Abby’s background and her dedication to the individualized Jewish learning experience from an interview with Judaism Unbound podcast hosts.

Upcoming Adult Jewish Learning Opportunities with Abby:

Parasha (Torah Portion) Class – Wednesdays, 8-9 p.m. ET, January 12-June 28 (by Zoom with the 92NY)

Parasha (Torah Portion) Class – Friday, 10:30 a.m. ET, June 9 (by Zoom with My Jewish Learning

A Recent Testimonial:

“Abby’s thoughtful parasha (Torah portion) class helps me appreciate texts that formerly baffled me. Abby reaches far and wide for interesting commentary and her approach to the text is both innovative and spiritual. The class includes learned students and those, like me, with little Hebrew; proof, in my opinion, Abby is a truly great teacher who has something for everyone.  Joanie, NYC

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Watch the video below for Abby’s pre-Shavuot message about chesed, acts of love and kindness, and more!