B-Mitzvah, Weddings & More

As part of the individualized Jewish learning experience, or as a distinct endeavor, Abby works with families and couples to plan and officiate at personalized life cycle events.

Abby works with families and couples of various affiliations, beliefs, and lack of belief, to craft a service that honors both Jewish tradition and each individual’s approach to religion and meaning in the 21st century.

For b-mitzvah,* Abby partners with moms, dads, kids to customize a prayer, Torah or havdalah (end-of-Shabbat) service that is uniquely meaningful to each family. She also help learners prepare text-based divrei Torah – brief sermon-speeches in which learning is shared with family, friends and guests – that are based in each learner’s interests and reflect the their approach to being Jewish. Abby has officiated locally, remotely and in Israel.

For all life cycle events including weddings, memorial services, and b-mitzvah, Abby works with clients explore traditional and adapted options for unique, personalized ceremonies and celebrations.

*B-mitzvah is a new, oft-used term – a contemporary adaptation of bar/bat/b’nai mitzvah – that is gender inclusive.