Scholar-in-Residence & Community Education

Abby is a dynamic adult Jewish educator and can explore the possibility of teaching in your community or congregation. 

Current favorite topics are listed below.

Contact Abby if you would like to explore a unique set of topics.


  • What Are Blessings? Exploring Blessings on the Books and in our Lives
  • Emotional Intelligence and the Ancient Rabbis: Interpersonal (and Intrapersonal) Skills in Pirkei Avot (Chapters of the Fathers) OR The Ten Commandments of Interpersonal (and Intrapersonal) Skills
  • The God Idea: Diverse Expressions of God in jewish Text and Tradition
  • Friendship in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond
  • Change, Transformation and Teshuva


  • Women of the Hebrew Bible: Strength, Resilience and Complexity
  • Complaints and more Complaints: Trials and Tribulations in the Desert


  • Preparing for Purim: History, Story and Practice
  • Preparing for Pesach: History, Story and Practice
  • Chanukah: Might and Light
  • Shabbat: Text, Tradition and Contemporary Reality 
  • Gratitude and Shelter: Exploring Sukkot