Abby inspires curious learners of all ages and stages to articulate their values, ideas and sense of meaning while deepening their knowledge of all things Jewish.

As a Judaics teacher and lifecycle officiant, Abby creates and facilitates engaging text-based learning experiences and lifecycle ceremonies, provoking long lasting curiosity and connection with Jewish tradition and identity.

Abby is passionate about, and dedicated to, helping learners connect to Jewish learning and living in ways that most resonate with each of them. Read testimonials from parents, students and clients. Abby and her team work with learners throughout NYC and beyond. During the current health crisis, we are working by Zoom, and connecting with learners throughout the US.


Learn more about Abby’s dedication to the personalized Jewish learning experience from her interview on the Judaism Unbound podcast.

Explore and be inspired by biblical women. View Abby’s recent class on the characters of Miriam, Devorah, Tamar and Ruth.

Abby is developing adult learning experiences for 2020-2021 with a focus on learners who consider themselves secular, cultural, atheist, agnostic, and spiritual. We will explore – in (an online) setting that allows for completely open thinking – the high holidays; essentials of Jewish ideas and practices; and Jewish conceptions of God over the centuries. Please complete the contact form if you’d like to learn more and express interest in these learning experiences.