About Abby


Abby is a community Jewish educator and lifecycle officiant with over 20 years of experience in Jewish education. She is also the founder and lead educator at Judaics Tutoring NYC, where she and her talented team of educators work with curious learners of all ages and stages to help learners expand their knowledge of all things Jewish while deepening their connection to Jewish text, history, and practice in ways that are uniquely meaningful to each of them. 

Abby currently teaches adults at the 92NY, the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, the  Center for Conversion to Judaism, the Wexner Field Fellowship and My Jewish Learning.

Prior to founding her own independent teaching practice, Abby taught middle school Tanakh (Bible) and Mishna (Rabbinics) at Schechter Bergen County and served in various programmatic roles in Jewish education.

Abby is particularly passionate about facilitating unique, text-based Jewish learning experiences for adults who may be new to Jewish study but wish to rigorously explore Judaism on an advanced level. She creates and teaches individualized curricula for Jewish communal professionals who are working to deepen their knowledge of Jewish content in connection to their growth as Jewish communal leaders.

Abby believes in Learning Judaism. She recognizes and deeply appreciates that in the 21st century, we approach Jewish text and tradition with our unique narrative and sets of choices. Jewish learning is perhaps, for many of us, the deepest and most authentic way to connect in the post-modern era. It is, in fact, our core Jewish practice, through which we place the highest possible value on learning, growth, openness and curiosity, in a Jewish context and beyond.

Abby’s clients, colleagues and students describe her as passionate, knowledgeable, creative, empathetic, and deeply committed to each individual’s learning journey.

With the combination of a traditional Jewish background and academic training in Judaic studies, Abby is poised to support a highly diverse group of learners. Abby earned a BA in history from Stern College, Yeshiva University, and an MA in Judaic studies from The Jewish Theological Seminary. As a lifelong Jewish learner, Abby deepens her own knowledge of  biblical and rabbinic text, Jewish thought and Jewish history and is in the process of private rabbinic ordination. Abby loves the outdoors and when she is not learning or teaching, she hikes as often as possible.