About Abby

Abby is an independent Jewish educator with over 25 years of experience. She helps her students expand their knowledge of all things Jewish while deepening their connection to Jewish text, history, and practice in ways that are uniquely meaningful for each of them. 

A core part of Abby’s work is creating and teaching individualized Judaics curricula for public and secular private school families, as well as creating and officiating at b’nei mitzvah. Prior to founding her own independent teaching practice, Abby taught middle school Tanakh (Bible) and Mishna (Rabbinics) at Schechter Bergen County, and she absolutely loves working with middle schoolers. 

Abby also regularly teaches adults in individual learning sessions, at the 92Y, and in small living room learning sessions. She recently taught “Purim, Politics & Power,” and explored the psychological and political dynamics of the heroes and anti-heroes in Megillat Esther. This year Abby has also begun to officiate at weddings.

Another component of Abby’s work is creating and teaching individualized curricula for Jewish communal professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of Jewish content and the Jewish experience in connection to their growth as Jewish communal leaders. In the coming year, Abby will serve as a Judaics coach for professionals who are part of the new cohorts of the Wexner Field Fellowship and the Schusterman Fellows leadership programs.

Abby’s clients, colleagues and students describe her as creative, empathetic, passionate, a great listener, and highly enthusiastic about her work. Abby earned a BA in history from Stern College, Yeshiva University, and an MA in Jewish studies from The Jewish Theological Seminary.